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Wehrmacht binoculars 6x30 Producer E.Leitz, Wetzlar

Product no.: 3313

Wehrmacht binoculars 6x30, produced by E.Leitz, Wetzlar.

Clearly seethorughable, all settingrings are easily movable, with rainprotection

Button up slope says 1941

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Wehrmacht backpack, ariforce

Product no.: 3308

Wehrmacht backpack, ariforce with web strap, tropical edition in very good condition!

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Wehrmacht backpack in tropical Edition

Product no.: 3307

Wehrmacht Africa/front backpack in tropical edition, 1942, good condition !

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Wehrmacht Tropical bread bag with strap

Product no.: 3306

A worn bag in agerelated condition.

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Dog Tag WW1

Product no.: 3294

A zinc made dog tag from  Leutnant Franzen / IR.144 from Ulmen in der Eifel.

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Meissen Plate of the Infanterieregiment 110

Product no.: 3256

A rare and undamaged plate of the Infanterieregiment 110/Heidelberg. Backsite merked with swordmark.

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Wehrmacht dog tag J.G.ERS.KP.34

Product no.: 3235

Dod tag made of zinc J.G.ERS.KP.34 in fitting leather case.

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Wehrmacht dog tag P.Z. ABW.

Product no.: 3234

An aluminum made dog tag  Inf.PZ.ABW.ERS.K.P. 79 in fitting leather bag with 3 talisman.

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Kriegsmarine dog tag

Product no.: 3233

An aluminium made dog tag in fitting leather bag.

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Flak Telescope D.F.10x80

Product no.: 3210

Telescope of the Wehrmacht with original color from the producer Firma Optische Präzisionswerke GmbH, Warschau, Polen. All functional and clear view.

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Luftwaffe Flieger-Windschutzbrille edition 295 & case and equipment

Product no.: 3193

Luftwaffe Flieger-Windschutzbrille edition 295 along with the original case, as well as equipment and a picture of prove (25cm x 18cm).

producer: O.W. Wagener, Rathenow

edition/model: 295

date of production: 13th of mai 1936

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Wehrmacht Ammunation Case Pz34 for MG 34 & 42

Product no.: 3123

A very rare case stamped with R & S 1940.

Full funktionally with a lot of color.

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Wehrmacht panorama telescope C.P. Coerz Berlin

Product no.: 3054

Wehrmacht panorama telescope C.P. Coerz Berlin

Good seethroughable, good movement

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Wehrmacht Canteen

Product no.: 3020

Worn condition, with aluminium drinking cup. All leather parts are soft and movable.

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RAD Pitcher

Product no.: 3001

1 L remember pitcher of the Reichsarbeitsbienst "Zur Erinnerung an meine Dienstzeit".

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Scope MG.Z.40 for MG42

Product no.: 2868

A worn scope MG.Z.40 for the MG42 in good condition. All parts movable and functionally, the lense is clear. A rare piece with original color.

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Saddlebag of the Wehrmacht

Product no.: 2809

Sattlebag of the Wehrmacht, producer "JSD 1943". The leather is smooth and in good condition.

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Service Mark of the Trainpolice

Product no.: 2741

Nice mark made of aluminum from the Köln-Bonner Traincompany.

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Bread bag of D.A.F

Product no.: 2674

Bread bag in good condition. Rare piece!

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Beer Mug "Erinnerung a.m. Dienstzeit 1934/35" 13.(M.W.) J.RGT. Augsburg

Product no.: 2466

Nice mug in good condition.

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WW1 Canteen Cover

Product no.: 2387

A hard to find, worn Cover for a canteen from the WW1.


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Esbitkocher der Wehrmacht

Product no.: 2107

An used "Esbitkocher" model 9 of the Wehrmacht.

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Dustprotector glasses of the Wehrmacht

Product no.: 1658

Originally packaged dustprotector glasses of the Wehrmacht

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Bust Generalfeldmarschall Paul von Hindenburg

Product no.: 1275

Bust in good condition of Reichsmarschall Paul von Hindenburg. Signed by the famous artist Otto Schmidt-Hofer. The silver plating is a bit worn of. 23 cm high

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