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New 3054

Product no.: 3054
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Wehrmacht Canteen

Product no.: 3020

Worn condition, with aluminium drinking cup. All leather parts are soft and movable.

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Wehrmacht Canteen

Product no.: 3019

Worn condition with aluminium drinking cup. The leather is soft and movable.

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RAD Pitcher

Product no.: 3001

1 L remember pitcher of the Reichsarbeitsbienst "Zur Erinnerung an meine Dienstzeit".

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Reservists Pitcher Bay.Inf.- Leib Regt.8. Komp. München 1911-13

Product no.: 2914

Pitcher with big, colored picture of the infantry soldier Forster, Bayer.Inf. Rgt.8 Komp. München.

Nice piece without any damages.

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Scope MG.Z.40 for MG42

Product no.: 2868

A worn scope MG.Z.40 for the MG42 in good condition. All parts movable and functionally, the lense is clear. A rare piece with original color.

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Gasmask of the Wehrmacht Tropic/Africa

Product no.: 2863

Nice and rare mask with can complete with tropic color. The set is in very good condition, all parts are full functionally.

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Saddlebag of the Wehrmacht

Product no.: 2809

Sattlebag of the Wehrmacht, producer "JSD 1943". The leather is smooth and in good condition.

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3x Gas planning pocket

Product no.: 2786

3x Gas planning pocket of the Wehrmacht, one piece complete with planning, one pocket with damaged push-button, the blue one in very good, unused condition.

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Service Mark of the Trainpolice

Product no.: 2741

Nice mark made of aluminum from the Köln-Bonner Traincompany.

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Optik MGZ34 for Lafette MG 34/42

Product no.: 2719

A functionally and clear Optik for MG 34/42 in to the old appropriate condition.

Producer Wichmann 


Sold !!

Protractor for Maps K.W. 140

Product no.: 2718

Geographic tool K.W. 140 in fitting case from producer Kremp Wetzler in very good condition.

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WW1 Gasmask with Can

Product no.: 2717

Nice mask in good,complete condition, the can ligthly rusty but functionally.

In stock

Bread bag of D.A.F

Product no.: 2674

Bread bag in good condition. Rare piece!

In stock

Beer Mug "Erinnerung a.m. Dienstzeit 1934/35" 13.(M.W.) J.RGT. Augsburg

Product no.: 2466

Nice mug in good condition.

In stock

Holder for the P08

Product no.: 2400

A worn holder for the P08. All leather parts are smooth and flexible. Without damages, the key is lost.

Sold !!

Patriotic Tray

Product no.: 2388

nice, decorative tray with Paul von Hindenburg.

Sold !!

WW1 Canteen Cover

Product no.: 2387

A hard to find, worn Cover for a canteen from the WW1.


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Product no.: 2291
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Esbitkocher der Wehrmacht

Product no.: 2107

An used "Esbitkocher" model 9 of the Wehrmacht.

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Product no.: 1658
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Product no.: 1275
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