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Here you see some beautiful or rare collector's items having found which recently new and happy owners.

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High Seas Fleet Badge

Product no.: 3023

Lightly worn buntmetall piece from producer Fec.Adolf Bock Ausf. Schwerin Berlin in good condition.

Sold !!

War Merit Cross 1st Class with swords and case

Product no.: 2981

Nice buntmetall badge made of buntmetall in fitting case. A rare piece from producer Petz & Lorenz. 

Sold !!

German Cross in Gold

Product no.: 2985

Light cupal version in worn condition. The enamel is undamaged. Makers mark "20" for the producer C.F. Zimmermann/Pforzheim. A nice piece of history.

Sold !!

Document Estate of the SS Sturmbannführer Rudolf Gruber, 9.SS Panzer-Division Hohenstaufen

Product no.: 2812

Big document estate of the SS Sturmbannführer Rudolf Gruber,  9.SS Panzer-Division Hohenstaufen.

-Document to the German Cross in Gold, 9.10.1944 as Leader of the SS.Pz.Rgt.9 

-Document to the iron cross 1st class, 14.7.1941 with signature of Steiner

-Document to the iron cross 2nd class, 5.6.1940 with signature of Hausser

-Document to the infantry assault badge, 16.11.1940  with signature of Demelhuber

-Some promotion document, one with original signature of Himmler.


Sold !!

RAD Belt Buckle for Leader

Product no.: 2774

Nice buckle for leader from producer Assmann & Söhne/Lüdenscheid D.R.G.M. 37 made of aluminium in lightly worn condition.


Sold !!

Belt Buckle of the Waffen SS

Product no.: 2776

A lightly worn iron made belt buckle of the SS, RZM 155/43 SS in good condition.

Sold !!

Tank Assault Badge in silver

Product no.: 2948

A hollow stamped neusilber badge, a rare variant from producer C.E. Juncker/Berlin.

Sold !!


Product no.: 2951

Sold !!

Wound Badge in gold

Product no.: 2956

A very nice badge made of buntmetall from producer "30" Hauptmünzamt / Wien with so called "sword needle".

Sold !!

New Badge for single Handed Tank-Destruction

Product no.: 2760

A worn badge from producer Moritz Hausch A.G./Pforzheim. So called early typ 1.05. (Also described in the book "Das Panzervernichtungsabzeichen" from Dirk Schneider, Site 61)

Sold !!

Iron Cross 1st Class 1939

Product no.: 2928

An unmarked piece with magnetic core in mint condition.

Sold !!

Luftwaffe officer Visor Cap

Product no.: 2323

Early cap for an air force officer by a very elegant saddle form and in the best quality. Laterally a small moth hole which hardly strikes at this point and is not farther annoyingly. Otherwise very good a little bit carried condition!

Sold !!

Artillery Visor Cap of the Wehrmacht

Product no.: 2867

A worn visor cap from the rare producer "Viro" in nice condition.

Sold !!

Tank Assault Badge in bronce

Product no.: 2515

An extremly rare badge with makers mark AWS 1942 from the producer Arno Walpach/Wien. 

Sold !!

Waffen SS Cuff Title Reinhard Heydrich

Product no.: 2264

Nice, unworn BEVO cuff title for Mannschaften. Full Length. A rare piece from SS- Gebirgsjäger- Regiment 11.

Sold !!

Observers Badge with case

Product no.: 2838

A nice badge made of Buntmetall with makers mark "A" (Assmann & Söhne / Lüdenscheid) with fitting case in good condition.

Sold !!


Product no.: 2856

Sold !!


Product no.: 2854

Sold !!


Product no.: 2860

Sold !!

Estate Luftwaffe "Jagdgeschwader Udet"

Product no.: 2750

Nice Estate from Feldwebel Curt Clemens III./ Jagdgeschwader Udet consisting of:

-Document to Pilots Badge

-Document to Wound Badge Black

-Document to Squadron Clasp für Hunter in bronce

-Document to Iron Cross 1st Class

-Document to professional promotion

-Document to Sports Badge

-some photos

Sold !!

Paratrooper Estate

Product no.: 2751

Document Estate from Oberjäger Friedrich Elsenbast 8.Fallsch.Jg.Rgt.6 consisting of:

-Document to Iron Cross 2nd class

-Document to Iron Cross 1st Class

-Document to Woundbadge 

-Document to Infantry Assault Badge in silver!!

-Close Combat Clasp in bronce !!

-some Photos

Sold !!

SS Dagger

Product no.: 2521

An early dagger in good condition from the producer Gottlieb Hammersfahr Solingen-Foche. Complete with vertical hanger and roman 3 for Reichszeugmeisterei Berlin.

Sold !!

Naval War Badge

Product no.: 2575

A worn piece, made of non-ferrous metal with makers mark Fec.Adolf Bock Ausf. Schwerin Berlin in good condition.

Sold !!

Cuff Title "Kreta"

Product no.: 2667

Worn cuff title "Kreta" in rare early issue of white "Kamelhaargrundtuch"

Length 38,5 cm

Sold !!

U-Boat War Badge

Product no.: 2700

A nice zinc badge with makers mark L/56 (Funcke&Brüninghaus/ Lüdenscheid).

Sold !!

Estate of SS Unterscharführer Karl Reineck

Product no.: 2739

A nice estate of Unterscharführer Karl Reineck 12.SS-Geb.Jgt.Rgt.6 "Reinhard Heydrich" consisting of following items:

-Document for Wound badge in black

-Document for Iron Cross second class

-Document for east front medal

-Document for infantry assault badge in bronce

-Document for close combat clasp in bronce

-Some pictures, letters and cards and the Arbeitsbuch

A rare Estate!!

Sold !!

Pilots Badge

Product no.: 2429

A worn badge made of non-ferrous-metal with makers mark B&NL for Berg&Nolte /Lüdenscheid.

Sold !!

Wound Badge in gold 1939

Product no.: 2568

A nice badge made of non-ferrous metal and makers mark 30 (Hauptmünzamt/WIen).

Sold !!

Wound Badge in gold 1939

Product no.: 2569

An unworn badge made od non-ferrous metal without markers mark in perfect condition.

Sold !!

Iron cross 1st Class 1939 with case

Product no.: 2404

A nice cross with magnetic core and makers mark "26" B.H. Mayer,Pforzheim with fitting case.

Sold !!

1 - 30 of 469 results