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Here you see some beautiful or rare collector's items having found which recently new and happy owners.

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German cross in gold

Product no.: 3595

A light cupal cross (53,1g) in good condition. The enamel with wear marks but without any damages. A rare and very nice cross from producer "1" Deschler & Sohn, München.

Sold !!

Iron Cross 1st Class with case

Product no.: 2960

Nice cross in good condition with magnetic core and makers mark "26" for B.H. Mayer, Pforzheim in fitting case.

Sold !!

Luftwaffe Case for the Pilotsbadge

Product no.: 3247

An nice case for the pilots badge in good condition.

Sold !!

Badge 1st parachute pilot division in awarding bag

Product no.: 3391

Badge 1st parachute pilot division in awarding bag by the Italian producer G. Bregonzio.

Good condition

Sold !!

Luftwaffe paratroopers badge with case

Product no.: 3303

A buntmetall badge from company W. Deumer/Lüdenscheid in fitting case. A rare set, the badge in good condition, the case in agerelated condition.

Sold !!


Product no.: 3573

Sold !!

Case for the german cross in gold

Product no.: 3581

A nice case for the german cross in gold in good condition.

Sold !!

Bayern military Deserve Badge 4th class with case

Product no.: 3268

A very nice badge 4th grade in fitting case. The cross is made of massive silver and stamped with "900" on the sword.

Sold !!

Tank Assault Badge in silver 25

Product no.: 3171

A lightly worn badge from producer Josef Feix & Söhne / Gablonz a.d.N. .



Sold !!

Close Combat Clasp in bronce

Product no.: 3191

A zinc made clasp with makers mark F&BL for the company Funcke & Brüninghaus, Lüdenscheid in good condition.

Sold !!


Product no.: 3338

Sold !!

Bomber Front Flying Clasp bronce Grade

Product no.: 2607

A lightly worn clasp made of non-ferrous metal.

Sold !!

Armor fight badge bronze "ÜÜ"

Product no.: 3375

Armor fight badge bronze, zinc by "ÜÜ" for the company  E. Ferd. Wiedmann, Frankfurt a. M.

Good condition

Sold !!

Spain, Legion Condor-Cruz de Guerra " Victory Star"

Product no.: 3348

Spain, Legion Condor-Cruz de Guerra " Victory Star out of the house of Egaña. Silver multi-part production with flavless enamel. From the time of the spanish civil war. Th espanish Victory Star was given to soilders of condor legion.

Sold !!

Medal buckle with 10 awards

Product no.: 3350

Medal buckle with 10 awards and matching field clasp and frackkette in very good condition. Everything along with a very nice case.

Sold !!

Parachute pilot hat badge 3rd parachute pilot division

Product no.: 3393

So called  "Schimpfabzeichen" hat badge 3rd parachute pilot division.

Named after the commander Dipl. Ing. Richard Schimpf.

Good condition, originalsolding of the needle

very rare

Sold !!

3. Reich medal " Dem besten Schützen des Unterstabes Gruppenkommando Kassel August 1937"

Product no.: 3390

Medal " Dem besten Schützen des Unterstabes Gruppenkommando Kassel August 1937", back "General  der Artillerie Ritter von Leeb Oberbefehlshaber der Gruppe 2" in matching case. Produced by Fr. Schimmelpfennig, Berlin.

Good condition

Sold !!

Scope MG.Z.40 for MG42

Product no.: 2868

A worn scope MG.Z.40 for the MG42 in good condition. All parts movable and functionally, the lense is clear. A rare piece with original color.

Sold !!

Flak Telescope D.F.10x80

Product no.: 3210

Telescope of the Wehrmacht with original color from the producer Firma Optische Präzisionswerke GmbH, Warschau, Polen. All functional and clear view.

Sold !!

Belt buckle for poilitical leader of the NSDAP

Product no.: 3223

An aluminium made buckle marked with RZM M4/27.

Sold !!

SA Belt Buckle

Product no.: 3232

An early, worn belt buckle made of brass with fitting leather belt. A rare variant with lying swastica.

Sold !!

Belt buckle of DRK

Product no.: 3318

Slightly worn, alu, produced by Overhoff & Cie. Lüdenscheid.

Lengh 98cm

Sold !!

State forest field Buckle with belt

Product no.: 2419

Light worn condition with makers mark Assmann & Söhne Lüdenscheid. Length 105cm

Sold !!

Kriegsmarine belt for officials

Product no.: 3230

The buckle is made of aluminium from the company FLL, Friedrich Linden, Lüdenscheid.

Full lngth 96cm in good condition.

Sold !!

III. Reich Police belt buckle

Product no.: 3320

Worn, in good condition. Produced by "J.D."

Lengh about 98 cm

Sold !!

Airforce belt buckle, Gustav Brehmer, Markneukirchen

Product no.: 3322

Slightly worn well preserved belt buckle of the airforce, alu, produced by Hersteller Gustav Brehmer, Markneukirchen. Unit stamp in the leather tougue.

Lengh 105 cm. Very good condition 

Ver rarely offered

Sold !!

Airforce belt buckle, F.W. Assmann & Söhne, Lüdenscheid

Product no.: 3331

Worn belt buckle of the airforce, iron, with a leather tougue (open seam, pictures) produced by Hersteller FW Assmann & Söhne, Lüdenscheid.

Lenght: 98cm.

Sold !!

Belt buckle NSKK

Product no.: 3332

Belt buckle NSKK, nickel-silver in good condition.

Lenght: 90cm

Sold !!

Breasteagle for the Tanktroops

Product no.: 2897

A worn BEVO eagle for the tank jacket in good condition.

Sold !!

Wehrmacht Dagger for Officers

Product no.: 3222

An unmarked Dager without makers mark with hanger and portepee. Clean blade, untouched condition.

Sold !!

1 - 30 of 784 results