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Here you see some beautiful or rare collector's items having found which recently new and happy owners.

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SS Dagger

Product no.: 2521

An early dagger in good condition from the producer Gottlieb Hammersfahr Solingen-Foche. Complete with vertical hanger and roman 3 for Reichszeugmeisterei Berlin.

Sold !!

Naval War Badge

Product no.: 2575

A worn piece, made of non-ferrous metal with makers mark Fec.Adolf Bock Ausf. Schwerin Berlin in good condition.

Sold !!

Cuff Title "Kreta"

Product no.: 2667

Worn cuff title "Kreta" in rare early issue of white "Kamelhaargrundtuch"

Length 38,5 cm

Sold !!

U-Boat War Badge

Product no.: 2700

A nice zinc badge with makers mark L/56 (Funcke&Brüninghaus/ Lüdenscheid).

Sold !!

Estate of SS Unterscharführer Karl Reineck

Product no.: 2739

A nice estate of Unterscharführer Karl Reineck 12.SS-Geb.Jgt.Rgt.6 "Reinhard Heydrich" consisting of following items:

-Document for Wound badge in black

-Document for Iron Cross second class

-Document for east front medal

-Document for infantry assault badge in bronce

-Document for close combat clasp in bronce

-Some pictures, letters and cards and the Arbeitsbuch

A rare Estate!!

Sold !!

Pilots Badge

Product no.: 2429

A worn badge made of non-ferrous-metal with makers mark B&NL for Berg&Nolte /Lüdenscheid.

Sold !!

Wound Badge in gold 1939

Product no.: 2568

A nice badge made of non-ferrous metal and makers mark 30 (Hauptmünzamt/WIen).

Sold !!

Wound Badge in gold 1939

Product no.: 2569

An unworn badge made od non-ferrous metal without markers mark in perfect condition.

Sold !!

Iron cross 1st Class 1939 with case

Product no.: 2404

A nice cross with magnetic core and makers mark "26" B.H. Mayer,Pforzheim with fitting case.

Sold !!

Wound Badge in Gold 1939

Product no.: 2602

Nice gold plated badge made of non-ferrous metal and makers mark 30 (Hauptmünzamt/Wien).

Sold !!

Clasp for Iron Cross 1st Class

Product no.: 2502

Very nice, unmarked clasp from producer Wilhelm Deumer with polished edges in perfect condition.

Sold !!

Clasp for Iron Cross 1st Class

Product no.: 2501

Nice clasp with makers mark L/56 (Funcke & Brüninghaus /Lüdenscheid), a rare variant!

Sold !!

Ground Assault Badge

Product no.: 2507

Nice Badge made of zinc and non-ferrous metal eagle, maker mark from producer G.H. Osang/Dresden.

Sold !!

Destroyer War Badge

Product no.: 2504

Nice badge made of non-ferrous metal in good condition, a safe variant from producer Otto Schickle/Pforzheim. A very rare piece

Sold !!

Tankfightbadge in silver with number "50" JFS

Product no.: 2630

Really good condition, producer "JFS" stands for company "Josef Feix & Söhne / Gablonz a.d.N."

Really rare!

Sold !!

Ground fight badge Luftwaffe

Product no.: 2668

Ground fight badge Luftwaffe without producer marking but 

sure a member of company "C.E. Juncker/Berlin"

Sold !!

Tank Assault badge in silver "25" JFS

Product no.: 2669

A worn piece from producer "JFS" Josef Feix & Söhne / Gablonz a.d.N. in good condition.

Sold !!

Paratrooper badge "Wilhelm Deumer / Lüdenscheid"

Product no.: 2670

Nice piece made of non-ferrous metal, an unmarked piece but 100% a early piece from Wilhelm Deumer / Lüdenscheid. Really rare piece!

Sold !!

Iron Cross 1st Class 1914

Product no.: 2451

A magnetic piece with makers mark 26 (B.H. Mayers Kunstprägeanstalt/Pforzheim).

This is a very rare and wanted variant.

Sold !!

Knight cross of the iron cross 1939

Product no.: 2645

A lightly worn knight cross of the iron cross producer "Steinhauer und Lück, Micro 800" in really good condition.

Core with fully black colouring. Polished edges

Absolutely TOP piece of german history

Sold !!

German cross in gold producer 20 with fitting case

Product no.: 2641

A light Cupal piece (45,1g). Really good, nearly unworn condition. Enamel without any damages. Producer "20" for company "C.F. Zimmermann / Pforzheim". With fitting case.

Very nice set !

Sold !!

Medal buckle 2x, iron cross 2. class 1939, connection medal

Product no.: 2635

Metal buckle 2x, iron cross 2. class 1939, magnetic, connection medal 1. october 1938 with producer L/11 for company Wilhelm Deumer / Lüdenscheid.

Back side of the buckle with producer "Stempel Reich, Breslau I Ring 35"

Sold !!

German cross in gold producer 20 with fitting case

Product no.: 2647

A light Cupal piece (45,1g). Really mint condition! Enamel without any failings.

Procuder "20" for company "C.F. Zimmermann / Pforzheim"

Comes in fitting case in good condition

Sold !!

German Cross in Gold with case

Product no.: 2179

A heavy (66,45g) german cross from producer C.F. Zimmermann/Pforzheim. Very good condition, perfect enamel. A very rare piece with fitting case.

Sold !!

Tank Assault Badge in bronce

Product no.: 2514

Very nice badge made of non-ferrous metal without makers mark, but famous variant of Karl Wurster/Markneukirchen.

Sold !!

Honor Goblet of the Luftwaffe

Product no.: 2517

Nice Goblet of the Oberfeldwebel Waldemar Habermann 8.12.1941. Execution in 835iger silver.

Oberfeldwebel Habermann was a member of the KG27 Boelcke and is missed since the 19.11.1941.

Sold !!

Kriegsmarine Blockade Runner Badge

Product no.: 2574

An unworn badge with makers mark Schwerin Berlin in very good condition.

Sold !!

Infantry Assault Badge in bronze

Product no.: 2579

A very nice zincbadge from  "FLL" für die Firma Friedrich Linden / Lüdenscheid in good condition.

Sold !!

Iron Cross 1st Class 1939 with case

Product no.: 2580

A magnetic cross with makers mark L/11 (Wilhelm Deumer/Lüdenscheid) in good condition with fitting case.

Sold !!

German Cross in gold

Product no.: 2581

A heavy piece made of tombak (68,7g) in worn condition.

Mirror still beautifully silvered, laurel wreath with entire gold plating, halo entire density. The enamel in the high left area damaged, pleas ask for uncensored pics to see the damage. 

With makers mark at the backside of the needle 21 (Godet & Co./Berlin).

Sold !!

1 - 30 of 358 results