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New Wehrmacht Afrikakorps Helmet

Product no.: 3400

A nice helmet in good condition without any damages.

In stock

Airforce steel helmet M38 for parachute pilots with camouflage paint

Product no.: 3379

Old parachute pilot helmet with several camouflage paints. The helmet was worn throughout the entire war and was adjusted to local circumstances. Name of the owner was Obj Born.

In the back its stamped with 4466 ET71

Inner layer with stamp Gr.59

Size 71

Produced by F. W. Müller Jr. / Constructor Heisler Berlin C2

A piece of the strap is missing

Very rare helmet with history

Sold !!

Airforce M40 steal helmet in winter camouflage with 1 emblem

Product no.: 3378

Very rare helmet M40 of airforce with winter camouflage. White camouflage-paint preserved by 90%, emblem preserved by 95%. Inner layer and strap are damaged. In the back T770 is stamped.


Sold !!

Wehrmacht Steel Helmet M35 with camouflage

Product no.: 3310

Wehrmacht steel helmet M35 with camouflage polish.The helmet is surrounded by a ribbon (age related condition, hardened and porous). These have been secured with special hooks to serve as a attachment for additional camouflage. Iconic contemporary piece.

Producer "NS 64" on the side and in the back 5381

Very rare

In stock

Steel Helmet M40 with camouflage and net

Product no.: 3305

A very rare helmet M40 with original camouflage paint and camouflage net, complete in untouched conditin. 

Double stamped with 32440" side E.F.64

Sold !!

Steel Helmet M16 WW1

Product no.: 3304

Steel Helmet with 3-piece leather lining (one empty bag) and leather ring. The chin strap is lost.

The Helmet is stamped with G62.

Sold !!

Wehrmacht visor cap for pionieertroops

Product no.: 3289

A lightly worn cap in good condition.

Sold !!

Visor Cap of the NS Kriegerbund

Product no.: 3245

A lightly worn cap with aluminium made eagle. The zelluloid triangle is marked from company Karl Colling St. Wendel.

In stock

Wehrmacht Steel Helmet M35

Product no.: 3211

A worn double decal helmet with both insigna (95%). Inlet and strap in good condition. Stamped with ET66, 4367. A nice and rare helmet in good condition.

In stock

SA Cap for Crews

Product no.: 3078

SA Cap fro crews of the SA Group Niederrhein. A worn, early piece from 1935, the eagle is lost. 

Size 54cm.

Sold !!

Anti Aircraft Helmet "Gladiator"

Product no.: 5000

A worn helmet in good condition. A piece of the strap is lost.

Sold !!

Side Cap of the NSKK

Product no.: 3040

A good side cap of the NSKK without insignia in nice condition.

In stock

Wehrmacht Steel Helmet M40

Product no.: 3000

A worn M40 Helmet with rough carmouflage. The insignia is 30% preserved. The leather is soft and movable, the helmet with makers mark "ET64".

Sold !!

Wehrmacht Visier Cap for Officers of the Artillery

Product no.: 2910

A lightly worn cap in very good condition.

Sold !!

Steel Helmet M35

Product no.: 2841

A worn M35 helmet of the Wehrmacht with makers mark ET66.

In stock

Steel Helmet M40

Product no.: 2840

A lightly worn helmet M40 with emblem, makers mark Q66.

Sold !!

Prussian Hat for Offizier of the grenadier

Product no.: 2716

Nice Pickelhaube from 1914 in complete, good condition. 


In stock

Wehrmacht Steel Helmet M40

Product no.: 2714

Nice, complete helmet in size 56 with makers mark EF.

Sold !!

Wintercoat Hat

Product no.: 2713

A worn hat of the Wehrmacht in good condition, size 57 and RB Nr (hard to read) 1942

Sold !!

Steel Helmet M42

Product no.: 2711

A worn helmet with makers mark "EF"

Sold !!