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New Luftwaffe Belt Buckle

Product no.: 3398

A worn belt buckle made of iron from the company Firma Schmölle & Co. Menden. Buckles from this producer are hard to find.

Sold !!

Belt Buckle of the Hitlerjugend

Product no.: 3396

A worn buckle of the Hitlerjugend made of aluminium and makers mark M4/27 Overhoff&Cie / Lüdenscheid with fitting leather belt.



Product no.: 3395

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Product no.: 3394
In stock

Kriegsmarine sash for officers

Product no.: 3229

Kriegsmarine sash for officers, Heavy edition in Buntmetall, both daggerhangings, silver belt buckle 97 cm, good condition!

In stock

Air force belt buckle Berg & Nolte A.G. / Lüdenscheid

Product no.: 3364

Worn Air force belt buckle Berg & Nolte A.G. / Lüdenscheid. Medal with leather toungue.

Lengh 90cm

Sold !!

Air force belt buckle

Product no.: 3363

Worn, aluminium with medal and matching leather belt (94cm)

In stock

Belt buckle DAF

Product no.: 3362

Aluminium imprintion with leather belt (100 cm)

Reichswehr belt buckle

Product no.: 3361

Nickel imprintion, leather toungue by Friedrich Linden, Lüdenscheid. Worn condition!

In stock

Belt buckle of Reichsarbeitsdienst RAD

Product no.: 3360

Worn belt buckle of Reichsarbeitsdienst RAD

Aluminium with medal

Lengh 97cm

In stock


Product no.: 3326
In stock

Kriegsmarine belt buckle

Product no.: 3324

Worn belt buckle of the Kriegsmarine, alu. Produced by R.S.&S, Richard Sieper & Söhne, Lüdenscheid.

In stock

III. Reich-Staatsforst-Feldbinde

Product no.: 3321

Very good slightly worn condition. Produced by Assmann & Söhne Lüdenscheid.

Lenght 120 cm

In stock

Wehrmacht belt buckle 1st edition

Product no.: 3319

Wehrmacht belt buckle, first edition, alu with excluded medallion.

Lenght about 94 cm. Mothbites are apparant (pictures).


In stock

German Luftsportverband, belt buckle

Product no.: 3317

Belt buckle of the german Luftsportverband, nickel silver, good worn condition

Lengh about 105cm

In stock

Parade Belt Buckle of the Wehrmacht

Product no.: 3272

A nice belt buckle for Officers of the Wehrmacht with a length of 90cm.

Sold !!

WW1 Belt Buckle Prussian

Product no.: 3244

A worn iron made belt buckle with original color in good condition.

In stock

Belt Buckle Prussian WW1

Product no.: 2373

A worn piece with nice patina.

In stock

Belt Buckle WW1 unworn

Product no.: 2150

A absolute unworn belt buckle with original packing paper.

In stock