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Kriegsmarine belt buckle

Product no.: 3324

Worn belt buckle of the Kriegsmarine, alu. Produced by R.S.&S, Richard Sieper & Söhne, Lüdenscheid.

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Airforce belt buckle, Gustav Brehmer, Markneukirchen

Product no.: 3322

Slightly worn well preserved belt buckle of the airforce, alu, produced by Hersteller Gustav Brehmer, Markneukirchen. Unit stamp in the leather tougue.

Lengh 105 cm. Very good condition 

Ver rarely offered

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III. Reich-Staatsforst-Feldbinde

Product no.: 3321

Very good slightly worn condition. Produced by Assmann & Söhne Lüdenscheid.

Lenght 120 cm

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III. Reich Police belt buckle

Product no.: 3320

Worn, in good condition. Produced by "J.D."

Lengh about 98 cm

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Wehrmacht belt buckle 1st edition

Product no.: 3319

Wehrmacht belt buckle, first edition, alu with excluded medallion.

Lenght about 94 cm. Mothbites are apparant (pictures).


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Belt buckle of DRK

Product no.: 3318

Slightly worn, alu, produced by Overhoff & Cie. Lüdenscheid.

Lengh 98cm

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German Luftsportverband, belt buckle

Product no.: 3317

Belt buckle of the german Luftsportverband, nickel silver, good worn condition

Lengh about 105cm

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Hitlerjugend belt buckle

Product no.: 3316

Worn belt buckle of Hitlerjugend, alu by M4/23 for the company Dr. Franke & Cie KG, Lüdenscheid.

Lengh 98 cm

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Parade Belt Buckle of the Wehrmacht

Product no.: 3272

A nice belt buckle for Officers of the Wehrmacht with a length of 90cm.

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WW1 Belt Buckle Prussian

Product no.: 3244

A worn iron made belt buckle with original color in good condition.

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SA Belt Buckle

Product no.: 3232

An early, worn belt buckle made of brass with fitting leather belt. A rare variant with lying swastica.

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Kriegsmarine belt for officials

Product no.: 3230

The buckle is made of aluminium from the company FLL, Friedrich Linden, Lüdenscheid.

Full lngth 96cm in good condition.

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Kriegsmarine sash for officers

Product no.: 3229

Kriegsmarine sash for officers, Heavy edition in Buntmetall, both daggerhangings, silver belt buckle 97 cm, good condition!

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Belt buckle for poilitical leader of the NSDAP

Product no.: 3223

An aluminium made buckle marked with RZM M4/27.

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State forest field Buckle with belt

Product no.: 2419

Light worn condition with makers mark Assmann & Söhne Lüdenscheid. Length 105cm

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Belt Buckle Prussian WW1

Product no.: 2373

A worn piece with nice patina.

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Belt Buckle WW1 unworn

Product no.: 2150

A absolute unworn belt buckle with original packing paper.

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