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Belt Buckle of the Wehrmacht

Product no.: 2864

A worn aluminium buckle with makers mark "GB" für die Firma Gustav Brehmer/Markneukirchen.

The leather with stamp from the unit 3./JR.107.

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Belt Buckle of the Waffen SS

Product no.: 2776

A lightly worn iron made belt buckle of the SS, RZM 155/43 SS in good condition.

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RAD Belt Buckle for Leader

Product no.: 2774

Nice buckle for leader from producer Assmann & Söhne/Lüdenscheid D.R.G.M. 37 made of aluminium in lightly worn condition.


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Air Defence Belt Buckle

Product no.: 2773

A worn buckle made of iron and makers mark but this is hard to read.

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Belt Buckle Deutsche Reichsbahn

Product no.: 2740

A worn buckle made of neusilber with fitting leather belt.

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Belt Buckle of the Hitlerjugend

Product no.: 2733

A worn buckle of the Hitlerjugend made of aluminium and makers mark M4/27 Overhoff&Cie / Lüdenscheid with fitting leather belt.

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Belt Buckle of the Wehrmacht for Afrika/Tropics

Product no.: 2727

Nice iron buckle with cloth tongue and fitting cloth belt, the belt is stamped with producer and Date 1941.

Full length 95cm

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Belt Buckle of the 3. Reich State Forest

Product no.: 2728

Lightly worn condition, from producer r Assmann & Söhne/Lüdenscheid.

Full length 105cm of the beltfrom producer Lüneschloss /Solingen, the inside felt a little bit attacked. The set comes with this interesting case.

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Belt buckle of the Wehrmacht

Product no.: 2726

A worn buckle with leather tongue and makers mark "B&N 41".

Full length 90cm

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Belt Buckle of the Luftwaffe 1.Model

Product no.: 2725

1st Model buckle made of aluminium in worn condition.

Full length 98cm

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Belt Buckle of the Kriegsmarine

Product no.: 2722

A worn belt buckle made of Aluminium from the producer R.S.&S.

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Belt Buckle of the Hitlerjugend

Product no.: 2720

A worn, early belt buckle made of Neusilber from producer Assmann & Söhne/Lüdenscheid.

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State forest field Buckle with belt

Product no.: 2419

Light worn condition with makers mark Assmann & Söhne Lüdenscheid. Length 105cm

In stock

Belt Buckle Prussian WW1

Product no.: 2373

A worn piece with nice patina.

In stock

HJ Belt Buckle

Product no.: 2260

A absolutly unworn belt buckle made of iron from producer M5/276 Klein & Quenzer,Oberstein. 

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Belt Buckle WW1 unworn

Product no.: 2150

A absolute unworn belt buckle with original packing paper.

In stock