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Airforce parachute pilot, Uffz. Heinrich Jezischek, parachuteschool III Albanien

Product no.: 3309

Wehrpass and papers of the parachute pilot Unteroffizier Heinrich Jezischek. Member of the parachuteschool III Albanien. Very rare!

Wehrpass complete, certificates are unpunched and uncut.

During the raid on the Italian army the Wehrmacht had to back up Albania, because it was mainly occupied by Italian soilders. Several Wehrmacht-units had been told to move to Albania.

On the 10th of September in 1943 the 15th parachute unit of the regiment Brandenburg 4 an the 2nd and 4th unit of the parachute school III had been ordered to take in the airfield of Tirana. Booth units had been positioned in Kraljewo and so were the ones cosest. They landed on tghe 10th and 11th of September in Tirana. Brandenbougers occupied the harborof Durazzo and the 2nd and 4th unit occupied the capitol. This had all been done without greater fighting and the next day the first motorised Wehrmacht units arrived in Tirana. A couple of days later on the 22nd of September in 1943 the 2nd unit was ordered to disarm an Italian unit near Kruja. On their way the konvoi had been attacked by Albanian partisans. The parachute pilots fought them until futher units arrived. These however weren`t fully trained yet. Therefore they lost many people that day. Even the CEO Dencker died.



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3 x Mein Kampf, people`s edition of the years 1933/34/40

Product no.: 3278

Agerelated condition, however including all pages


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Luftwaffe certificate estate of the Jagtflieger Uffz. Karl Kirschbaum, II.JG52

Product no.: 3275

Certificate estate of the Jagtflieger Uffz. Karl Kirschbaum, II. Jagtgeschwader 52 - air battle for England, consisting of  the following ducuments,

-award certificate pilots badge (A4)

-Iron cross, 2nd class - 2nd June 1940 (A5)

-Iron cross, 1st class - 28th October 1940 (A5)

-silver frontline flying clasp for fighter pilots - 20st April 1941 (A5)

-golden frontline flying clasp for fighter pilots - 8th July 1941 (A5)

-certificate for the wounded badge in black - 8th July 1941 (A5)

-squadron certificate in memory of the pilots (JG52) who had proven themselfes during the 2500 and 5000 air victory (A4)

-complete flight log, including all pages, highly interesting notifications regarding the executed missions as well as air fights

-promotion certificate and congratulations certificate of the NSFK

-flight instructor logbook

-book by Bernd Barbas about the story of the 2nd group of the Jagdgeschwader 52, 379 pages icluding many pictures, missions, locations and more.

Overall we´re speaking of a very rare estate of a brave fighter pilot.

All certificates and documents remain in original size and unpunched.


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Wehrmacht Document Estate of the Obergefreiten Otto Pfeiffer

Product no.: 3274

Nice estate of the Otto Pfeiffer I. / A.R.291 consisiting of:

-Document of the iron cross 2nd class 12.7.1942

-Document of the iron cross 1st class 25.12.1942

-Document of the East Front Medal 8.8.1942

-Certificate from the Travemünde discharge camp concerning the medals awarded


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Wehrmacht Document Estate of the Oberfeldwebel Richard Koall

Product no.: 3259

An interesting estate from Oberfeldwebel Richard Koall, 1./Pionierbatl. 23 consisting of the following documents:

-Document to the East Front Medal

-Document to the Iron Cross 2nd Class

-Document to the Iron Cross 1st Class

-Document to the Infantry Assault Badge

-Document to the Service Medal 4th Grade

- Bestallung to Feldwebel

- Document to the Schirrmeister (Pi) Prüfung

-Verpflichtungsschein and Vorläufiger Annahmeschein

All documents are undamaged and in good condition.

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Wehrmacht Document Estate of the Gefreiten Friedrich Treeck

Product no.: 3258

Interesting estate consisting of the following documents:

-Document to the Iron Cross 2nd Class

-Document to the Close Combat Clasp 1st Grade

-Document of his Death

-4 pictures

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Document of the Memory Medal 1st October

Product no.: 3257

Nice document awarded to Kanonier d. R. Josef Seger. 2. Batterie s. Üb. Art. Abt. 16

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Performance Book of the NS-Fliegerkorps

Product no.: 3240

Nice book in good condition, all sides are present.

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Book "Kreta, Sieg der Kühnsten"

Product no.: 3221

A complete book Kreta Sieg der Kühnsten - Graz, Steirische Verlagsanstalt.1942, agereleted, goood condition.

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Document Estate Regiment General Göring, Fallsch. Jg. Rgt. 2, Rußland, Festung Brest

Product no.: 3186

Document and Photo estate of the Oberfeldwebel Werner Scholz consisting of:

-Tribal Sheets of Military History

-Commitment certificate from 1935, Regiment General Göring, signed by the later General of the Parachute Force, Bruno Bräuer

-Certification of the Döberitz School of Sport, driving licence examinations General Göring State Police Group

-Document Military drive teacher General Göring

-Letter of Carriage

-Documents Police driver licence

-Document to the Service Badge 4th. Grade

-Remember Badge 1st October with clasp 15. march

-Document to the Wound Badge in black

-Document to the Paratroopers badge 

-Document to the East Front Medal

-Document to the War Merit Cross 2nd Class with swords (original signature Kurt Student)

-Document to the Iron Cross 2nd Class, Brest 12. 9. 1944 (original signature General Bernhard Ramcke)

-Dog tag

-Identity document

-Wehrmacht Driver License

-Great Wedding Picture

-90 interesting photos from the time at the Regiment General Göring und Paratrooper regiment 2

A very interesting and complete Estate

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Document Estate of the Feldwebel Bernhard Rauschenberger 1./ Infanterie-Regiment 123

Product no.: 3122

Document Estate of the Feldwebel Bernhard Rauschenberger 1./ Infanterie-Regiment 123 consisting of:

-Document of the Westwall Medal

-Document of the Sports Badge 

-Document of the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class

-Document of the Krimschild

-Document of the East Front Medal

-Document of the Woundbadge in black

-Document of the Infantry Assault badge in silver

and a nice picture of the full company.


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Document Estate of the Unteroffizier Edmund Koitsch

Product no.: 3115

Nice Estate of the Unteroffizier Edmund Koitsch 6./Gren.Rgt.11 consisting of:

-Document to the Iron Cross 2nd Class

​-Document to the War Merit Cross 2nd Class

​-Document to the Wound badge in silver 

​-Document to the Close Combat Clasp in bronce


-Memberbook Arbeitsfront

-letters and other stuff

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Document Estate Oberzahlmeister Herbert Bauer Nachr.Abt.240

Product no.: 3114

Document Estate Oberzahlmeister Herbert Bauer Nachr.Abt.240 consisting of:

-Document to the Krimshield

-Document to the War Merit cross 2nd Class

-Document to the Iron Cross 2nd Class

-Document to the East Front Medal

-Document to the Service Medal 3rd and 4th class


and othe documents and photos.

In stock

Luftwaffe Document Estate of the Obergefreiten Erich Hasse, 4. Kampfgruppe z.b.V. 500

Product no.: 3057

Nice document estate consitsting of:

-Document Air Gunner badge

-Document Iron Cross 2nd Class

-Document Iron Cross 1st Class

-Document Front Flying Clasp for transport in silver

-Document Front Flying Clasp for transport in gold

A nice and rare estate in good condition.

In stock

Document Group of the Wehrmacht

Product no.: 3014

Document group of the Obergefreiten Erich Rast, 3./Pz.JG.Abt.590 consisted of:

- Document to the Iron Cross 1st Class

- Document to the Iron Cross 2nd Class

- Drivers Badge bronce and silver
All documents are perforated.
In stock

Certificates of the war merit cross 2nd class with swords

Product no.: 3012

Certificates of the war merit cross 2nd class with swords.

Papers are unpunched and uncut

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Deathcard of the Waffen SS

Product no.: 2989

Deathcard of the Uffz in a SS-Polizei-Division Fritz Brachetti.

In stock

Deathcard of the Waffen SS

Product no.: 2988

Deathcard of the Grenadier Walter Junkes.

In stock

Death Card Wehrmacht

Product no.: 2986

Deathcard of the Zugführer Uffz. Hermann Woll.

In stock

Raumbildalbum der Kampf im Westen II. Version

Product no.: 2922

Complete with all cards and google in good, undamaged condition.

In stock

Wehrpass of the Obergefreiter Peter Willibrand Bauer 5./Gren.-Rgt.287

Product no.: 2803

Wehrpass of the Obergefreiten Peter Willibrand Bauer 5./Gren.-Rgt.287 with interesting entries:

-Wound Badge in black

-Wound Badge in silver

-Wound Badge in gold

-Iron Cross 2nd Class

-Infantry Assault Badge in silver and reques

And a 8mm miniature of the Wound Badge in Gold L/18

In stock

Soldbuch Kriegsmarine of a former member of the SS Hubert Mittler

Product no.: 2796

A Kriegsmarine Soldbuch from former SS Rottenführer Hubert Mittler (SS Pol.Inf.Reg.)

The following badges are enrolled:

-Wound Badge in black

-East Front Medal

-Infantry Assault Badge

-Iron Cross 2nd Class

-Wound Badge in silver

A curious and rare Soldbuch.

In stock

Estate Obergefreiten Rudolf Schlademann

Product no.: 2787

Consisitng of:

-Sqadron Clasp for Fighter Pilots in bronce  19.12.1943

-Carmouflage Pass

- Radio Operater Document

Sold !!

Document Estate from Unteroffizier Wilhelm Lauffs 2.N.A.198

Product no.: 2785

Document Estate from Unteroffizier Wilhelm Lauffs 2.N.A.198 consisting of:

-Infantry Assault badge in silver

-Iron Cross 2nd Class 1939


-East Front Medal

-Wound Badge in silver

All documents are in good condition without damages.

In stock

Estate of Iron Cross and East Front Medal

Product no.: 2783

Two documents for the iron cross 1st class and the east front medal awarded to Unteroffizier  Gerhard Spitzbarth/Panzerjägerabteilung 14.

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Document Force Driving Probation Badge

Product no.: 2781

Document for the Oberfgefreiten Josef Schmidt at 7. June 1944.

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2x document for Participation

Product no.: 2780

Good condition.

Sold !!

Document occupation contest 1936

Product no.: 2778

Nice document in good condition.

In stock


Product no.: 1222
In stock

3x Death Card Mountain Infantryman

Product no.: 2769

Three Deathcards of fallen mountain infantryman.

In stock
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