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Document Estate of the SS Sturmbannführer Rudolf Gruber, 9.SS Panzer-Division Hohenstaufen

Product no.: 2812

Big document estate of the SS Sturmbannführer Rudolf Gruber,  9.SS Panzer-Division Hohenstaufen.

-Document to the German Cross in Gold, 9.10.1944 as Leader of the SS.Pz.Rgt.9 

-Document to the iron cross 1st class, 14.7.1941 with signature of Steiner

-Document to the iron cross 2nd class, 5.6.1940 with signature of Hausser

-Document to the infantry assault badge, 16.11.1940  with signature of Demelhuber

-Some promotion document, one with original signature of Himmler.


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Photo Paratrooper

Product no.: 1039

A very beautiful portrait of a paratrooper in camouflage uniform with handle hand grenade and MP 40.

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Product no.: 2807

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Seamans Book

Product no.: 2806

Seamans Book of the Funker Werner Wilhelm with a lot of entries including Blockade Runner Badge and iron cross 2nd class.

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Luftwaffe Estate of the Uffz.Ferdinand Michels 1./lei.Flakabt. 76

Product no.: 2805

Papers and photos of the Uffz.Ferdinand Michels 1./lei.Flakabt. 76 consisting of a honor-chronik in very nice condition with ca. 80 photos.

-Document to the AntiI Aircraft Artillery War Badge

-Document East Front Medal

-Document to Iron Cross 1st class and 2nd Class

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Document Estate of the Unteroffizier Gerhard Braun 7./Sturm-Rgt.195

Product no.: 2804

A large Estate from the Unteroffizier Gerhard Braun 7./Sturm-Rgt.195 consisting of:

-Document to the iron cross 1st and 2nd class

-Document to the East Front Medal

-All three Grades of the Wound Badge

-Document to the CCC in silver with Award application and list of the CC days

-business hours certificate

-Field Post

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Wehrpass of the Obergefreiter Peter Willibrand Bauer 5./Gren.-Rgt.287

Product no.: 2803

Wehrpass of the Obergefreiten Peter Willibrand Bauer 5./Gren.-Rgt.287 with interesting entries:

-Wound Badge in black

-Wound Badge in silver

-Wound Badge in gold

-Iron Cross 2nd Class

-Infantry Assault Badge in silver and reques

And a 8mm miniature of the Wound Badge in Gold L/18

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Photo Paratrooper

Product no.: 2802

Original photo " paratrooper with the jump".

Size: 17cm x 12,5cm

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Document Estate of the Obergefreiten Otto Binder 2.LW./Jägerbataillon z.b.v.2

Product no.: 2801

Estate of the Obergefreiten Otto Binder 2.LW./Jägerbataillon z.b.v.2 consisting of:

-Document to the Ground Assault Badge 

-Document to the Wound Badge in black

-Document to the Wound Badge in silver

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Estate of the Obergefreiten Peter Rieder Pz.Jg.Stu.Gesch.Abt.1342

Product no.: 2800

Document estate of the Obergefreiten Peter Rieder , Pz.Jg.Stu.Gesch.Abt.1342 consisting of:

-Document to the Infantry Assault Badge in silver 

-Iron Cross 2nd Class

-Wound Badge in black

-East Front Medal


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Document to the Anti Aircraft Artillery Badge

Product no.: 2799

Nice document to Anti Aircraft Artillery Badge awarded to the Obergefr.Edwin Ernecke 3./Res.270 am 8.8.1942 in Köln.

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Small Estate Regierungsrat Dr. Bernhard Krause.

Product no.: 2798

A document to the Infantry Assault Badge  (21.5.1943) and the War Merit Cross 2nd Class with Swords (30.1.1944 Führerhauptquartier).

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Document to the Close Combat Clasp 2nd Grade

Product no.: 2797

Document to the CCC in silver awarded to Uffz. Alfred Kosmowski 3./Gre.-Rgt.133 at 10.1.1945.

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Soldbuch Kriegsmarine of a former member of the SS Hubert Mittler

Product no.: 2796

A Kriegsmarine Soldbuch from former SS Rottenführer Hubert Mittler (SS Pol.Inf.Reg.)

The following badges are enrolled:

-Wound Badge in black

-East Front Medal

-Infantry Assault Badge

-Iron Cross 2nd Class

-Wound Badge in silver

A curious and rare Soldbuch.

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Document from the DAF

Product no.: 2795

Nice document in good condition.

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Postcards Paratrooper

Product no.: 2794

2x postcards in good, unused condition.

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Document to the Close Combat Clasp 1st Grade

Product no.: 2793

Document to the CCC in bronce, awarded to Uffz. Josef Albert 4./G.R. 151 at 13.5.1944.

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Estate of Uffz. Heinrich Heller I.Art.Rgt.373 (Croatia)

Product no.: 2792

Document Estate of the Uffz. Heinrich Heller I.Art.Rgt.373 consisting of:

-Wound Badge in black

-East Front Medal

-Iron Cross 2nd Class

-General Assault Badge

All documents in good, undamaged condition.

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Document to the Minesweeper Badge

Product no.: 2791

Awarded to the Mechanikermaat Fritz Salchow am 31.5.1944.

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Document to the Minesweeper Badge

Product no.: 2790

Nice form, awarded to the Bootsmann Hans Braun am 5.10.1940 in France.

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Estate of the Obergefreiten Harm Aakmann

Product no.: 2789

Estate of the brave Sanitätsobergefreiten Harm Aakmann/Sanitätskompanie (mot)1/66.

-Document to the Iron Cross 2nd Class 

-Wound Badge in black

-Wehrpass with a lot of interesting entries and fight calendar

-some grave pictures

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Document to Iron Cross 2nd Class and War Merit Cross 2nd Class with Swords

Product no.: 2788

Two nice documents from the Oberleutnant der R. Helmuth Wienhold 3. Heeres-Küsten-Art.Abt. 774 / Krim.

Still in stock

Estate Obergefreiten Rudolf Schlademann

Product no.: 2787

Consisitng of:

-Sqadron Clasp for Fighter Pilots in bronce  19.12.1943

-Carmouflage Pass

- Radio Operater Document

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Document Estate from Unteroffizier Wilhelm Lauffs 2.N.A.198

Product no.: 2785

Document Estate from Unteroffizier Wilhelm Lauffs 2.N.A.198 consisting of:

-Infantry Assault badge in silver

-Iron Cross 2nd Class 1939


-East Front Medal

-Wound Badge in silver

All documents are in good condition without damages.

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Document Estate Ground Assault Badge and Wound Badge black

Product no.: 2784

Estate consisting of a document to the ground assault badge of the Luftwaffe and the wound badge in black. Awarded to Obergefreiten Matthias Michels/3.Flakregiment 19.

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Estate of Iron Cross and East Front Medal

Product no.: 2783

Two documents for the iron cross 1st class and the east front medal awarded to Unteroffizier  Gerhard Spitzbarth/Panzerjägerabteilung 14.

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Document for Wound Badge in silver

Product no.: 2782

Document owned to Uffz. Oskar Kästner at 19.8.1944.


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Document Force Driving Probation Badge

Product no.: 2781

Document for the Oberfgefreiten Josef Schmidt at 7. June 1944.

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2x document for Participation

Product no.: 2780

Good condition.

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Document occupation contest 1936

Product no.: 2778

Nice document in good condition.

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