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Daggers, Sabers, Bayonets

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Wehrmach army dagger for officers, produced by Robert Klaas Solingen

Product no.: 5018

Wehrmach army dagger for officers, produced by Robert Klaas Solingen with hanging and portepee. Blade is clean.

Worn, however untouched dagger in contemporary condition.

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3. Reich Police Bajonett

Product no.: 3301

A nice bajonett of the police in good condition from the company Carl Eickhorn, Solingen with number " 414"  L.B.R. 281.

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Airforce dagger for officers, produced by Paul Weyersberg & Co. Solingen

Product no.: 3277

Airforce dagger for officers, produced by  Paul Weyersberg & Co. Solingen. Complete with hanging and portepee in good condition.

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Air force dagger for officers, produced by P.D Lüneschloss, Solingen

Product no.: 3276

Air force dagger in good condition, complete including portepee and hanging (D.R.G.M) produced by P.D Lüneschloss, Solingen.

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Hanger and Portepee for the Luftwaffe officers dagger

Product no.: 3273

Nice Set in agerelated condition.

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Luftwaffe Dagger

Product no.: 3255

A worn dagger in good condition and nice patina. An unmarked piece.

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Wehrmacht Dagger for Officers

Product no.: 3222

An unmarked Dager without makers mark with hanger and portepee. Clean blade, untouched condition.

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Hitlerjugend Knife

Product no.: 3220

Edition without beeing labeled from companyED. Wüsthof / Solingen. Marked with RZM M7/19, 1940. Agerelated condition.

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Bajonett of the Wehrmacht with deer horn grip

Product no.: 2865

Very nice Extraseitengewehr with deer horn grips and a green portepee. The frog in worn condition, the blade with makres mark F.W. Höller/Solingen. 

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Extraseitengewehr of the Wehrmacht

Product no.: 2866

A very nice Extraseitengewehr of the Wehrmacht with prtepee. The blade in exellent condition and makers mark Puma/Solingen.

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Saber Westfälisches Dragoner regiment nr. 7

Product no.: 2847

Good preserved saber of the Ulanen-Regiment "Großherzog Friedrich von Baden" ( Rheinisches) nr.7 with original sheath.

Produced by WKC und Einheitsstempel 7.D.3.77

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Dagger of the HJ

Product no.: 2811

Ececution with motto from producer Carl Wüsthof / Solingen, Gladiatorwerk. An undamaged piece in used condition.

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