Terms and Conditions

General terms of trade

Area of application

The following general terms of trade (AGB) of M*P antique, (in the following salesman named), are considered(apply) to all contracts, the customers with the salesman on in the on-line Shop of the salesman under the Domain: www.antik.saarland and eBay Shop www.antik.saarland to represented goods and products and / or services as well as combinations conclude(close) from here; the salesman strictly contradicts the inclusion any own AGB of the customer who only are considered(apply), provided that this is arranged.
Customers for the purposes of this AGB are consumers as well as entrepreneurs. Consumer is a natural person who concludes(closes) a legal transaction for a purpose which can be added neither their(her) commercial ones nor their(her) independent professional activity. Entrepreneur is a natural or legal person or legal personal society which acts by conclusion of a legal transaction in exercise of their(her) commercial or independent professional activity.

2. Contract end

On the Seitendes recallable in the Internet on-line Shops of the salesman to represented products serve to get a view about the assortment of the salesman the customer, however, are no obliging offer of the salesman to the sales goods or / and service. The representations serve to enable the customer, to deliver even an obliging purchase offer towards the salesman.

The customer can deliver his(its) offer by telephone, in writing, by E-mail or about the on-line Shops named at the top under use(application) of the purchase order form placed at disposal there. With an order about the on-line Shops under use(application) of the provided purchase order form the customer gives order at the owner's expense after input of his(its) individual data and by clicking the appropriate badge send off order confirm in the last step of the order occurrence an offer legally binding him on conclusion of a contract to the acquisition of the goods indicated in the goods basket and / or services from.


The offerer can accept the offer of the customer in writing (personally signed explanation(statement), e.g., letter) or by electronically explanation(statement) (e.g., email) or by delivery of the ordered(appointed) goods or services transmitted within a term of five days from entrance of the offer of the customer on conclusion of a contract. The offerer is entitled to reject the acceptance of contract offers without reason.

Order processing and establishment of contact between buyer and customer take place preferred on electronic way, also by E-mail and particularly also of automatical order processing; the customer is to be made sure obliged that from him for the order processing given(indicated) E-mail addresses are appropriate and can be received to these addresses directed news also actually. As far as the customer uses so-called SPAM filters, the customer particularly has to guarantee that him for the processing of this contract sent E-mails reach.

3. Prices and payment modality

3.1 the given(indicated) prices of the salesman are end prices which already contain all price components including the legal German value added tax valid in each case. Any, in addition, still attacking delivery charges and forwarding expenses are given(indicated) with the respective product representation separately and are evident for the customer before completion of the contract.


The salesman offers for deliveries in the national territory of the federal republic the following payment possibilities, provided that in the respective product representation nothing is given(indicated) divergent: - Cash in advance by transfer- 

If the customer chooses the payment kind "Cash in advance", the payment is payable immediately after coming about of the contract and to pay for the salesman free of charge on one bank account certain by this.

4. Conditions of delivery and dispatch conditions

The delivery of goods takes place regularly on the dispatch way and the address of delivery given(indicated) by the customer, this is also considered(applies) to the transmission of vouchers for the relation(connection) of services or goods. By the processing of the transaction given(indicated) address of delivery is relevant in the order processing of the salesman.

If the delivery of the goods is not possible to the customer because of an address of delivery without foundation given(indicated) by the customer and sends back the instructed haulage company the goods to the salesman, the customer has to carry the expenses for the unsuccessful delivery. This is not considered(applies not) if the customer was prevented temporarily in the acceptance of the offered performance(achievement), unless the offerer had announced to him the performance(achievement) an appropriate time before or if the customer carries out(exercises) through here his(its) revocation right, moreover in the latter case the regulations(determinations) are considered(apply).

The danger of the setting(decline) accidental and the deterioration accidental of the sold goods goes over in delivery to the customer or a person authorized to receive. If it is with the customer about an entrepreneur (this acts in exercise of his(its) commercial or independent professional activity, s.o.) the danger of the setting(decline) accidental and the deterioration accidental goes over by the forwarding purchase in the delivery of the goods in the place of business of the salesman to a suitable transportation person.


Towards entrepreneurs all arranged delivery deadlines vorbehaltlich of correct and punctual selfsupply are considered(apply) in cases in which the salesman does not have to represent a specific covering transaction completed and the missing availability of the goods.

5. Regulation of the return end expenses by exercise of the revocation right

If the customer has a revocation right and carries out(exercises) this, the regular expenses of the return are imposed on him by exercise of the revocation right if the price of the thing to be sent back does not exceed an amount of 60 €, or if with a higher price of the thing the customer has not produced the consideration or a partial payment at the time of the revocation yet, unless the supplied goods does not correspond to the ordered(appointed) goods. In all other cases the salesman carries the expenses of the return.

6. Retention of title

The supplied goods of the salesman remain a property of the salesman up to entire(complete) payment. 
We reserve ourselves intersales for all articles.

7. Liability for defects

There is considered(applies) the legal liability for defects. 

8. Applicable right(law); jurisdiction

The right(law) of the Federal Republic of Germany is considered(applies) to all legal relations of the parties under exclusion of the laws about the international purchase of mobile goods. With consumers this legal choice only in this respect, as the not granted protection is considered(applies) by compelling regulations(determinations) of the right(law) of the state in which the consumer has his(its) usual stay, is taken away.

If is the customer businessman, legal person of the public right(law) or publicly legal special property, is an exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes from this contract the place of business of the offerer. The same is considered(applies) if the customer has no general jurisdiction in Germany or the EU or domicile or usual stay are not known in the moment of the filing of an action.

The contract language is German.

II. Customer's information

Information to the identity of the salesman

Mischa Schmitt
M&P Antik GbR
Mittelstrasse 2 b

66763 Dillingen

2. Information to the essential characteristic features of the goods or service

The essential characteristic features of the goods or service arise from the respective product description opposed by the salesman.

The contemporary originality is guaranteed by us and can become only by a recognized expert angefechtet.

We accept expert's assessments exclusively from:
http: // militaria-berlin.de/expertisen.html

3. Information in order to come about the contract

Coming about the contract takes place in accordance with the figure 2 of the general terms of trade of the salesman (s.o).

4. Information to the payment and delivery

The payment takes place in accordance with the figure 3, the delivery in accordance with the figure 4 of the general terms of trade of the salesman (s.o).

5. Information about the technical steps which lead to the contract end

The contract end takes place after offer and acceptance.

On the line of products side of the salesman the customer clicks in the first step on the badge "ordering". There takes place an interrogation whether the selected article should be put in the goods basket. In the Seitenlayer the articles present in the goods basket are indicated. 

Now the customer clicks directly or after he(it) other goods in the virtual goods basket has laid, in the second step on the badge "goods basket". Now the big "goods basket" opens. In the next step he(it) clicks on the badge " farther to the purchase order form ".

It opens to itself then a new side(page) on which the customer selects his(its) dispatch kind and the method of payment connected with it. With a click on the command button appears " farther to the purchase order form "if appears a form on which the bill address and the address of delivery must be put down. In addition, the customer checks the general terms of trade which are indicated him about the badge present on the right below "AGB" and the acceptance this confirms by the activation of the hook " I have read the AGB and have accepted ".

By the badge " order continue " he(it) gets on a summary side which specifies the order data indicates.

Now the customer clicks directly in the last step on the badge " at the owner's expense order(appoint) ".

The acceptance by the salesman takes place in accordance with the figure 2.3 of the general terms of trade of the salesman (s.o).

6. Information to the storage of the contract texts

The contract text is stored by the salesman and the customer on sending his(its) order in addition to the present AGB and customer's information in text form (e.g., E-mail, letter) sent.

7. To recognize information about the technical means around input error and to correct

Before obliging delivery of the order the customer can correct his(its) inputs constantly about the usual keyboard and corn functions. In addition, all inputs are indicated before the obliging delivery of the order one more time in a confirmation window and can be also corrected there by means of the usual keyboard and mouse functions.

8. Information about the languages being available for the contract end

Exclusively the German language is available for the contract end.

9. Information about the behavioural codes to which the salesman has submitted

The salesman has submitted to no behavioural cod.

Please, before the acquisition pay attention § 86
Spread from propaganda means of unconstitutional organizations

(1) Who propaganda means

1. one of the Federal Constitutional Court for unconstitutional explained(expressed) party or a party or union by which indisputable is found out that she(it) is a substitute organization of such a party,

2. of a union which is forbidden indisputable because she(it) is directed against the constitutional order or against the thought of the understanding among nations or from is found out indisputable that she(it) is a substitute organization of such a forbidden union,

3. a government, union or equipment(arrangement) beyond the spatial area of application of this law, for the purposes one in the numbers 1 and 2 called parties or unionsis active, or

4. The propaganda means which are determined after their(her) content to continue efforts of a former National Socialist organization spreads by the home or produces for the spreading by the home or foreign country, availably holds, introduces or implements or in data memories publicly gives access, it is punished with term imprisonment up to three years or with fine.

(2) Propaganda means for the purposes of the paragraph 1 is only such writings (§ 11 paragraphs 3) whose content is directed against the liberal democratic constitutional structure or the thought of the understanding among nations.

(3) Paragraph 1 is not considered(applies not), if the propaganda means or the business of the government-bourgeois(government-civil) clarification, the defence of unconstitutional efforts, the art or the science, the researchor serves the apprenticeship(teaching), the coverage about occurrences of the events of the day or the history(story) or similar purposes.

(4) If the blame is low, the court(dish) of a punishment can refrain according to this rule.