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Armband for political organisations of the NSDAP

Product no.: 3494

Good condition.

Sold !!

Luftwaffe Arm Sleeve for drivers

Product no.: 3472

Slightly worn.

In stock

Sleeve Badge Gebirgsjäger Bevo

Product no.: 3467


In stock

Waffen SS sleeve badge Obergefreiter

Product no.: 3466

Nice condition.

In stock

Sleeve badge Flak

Product no.: 3455

Unworn, very nice condition.

Sold !!

Sleeve badge Flak

Product no.: 3454

Nice, unworn condition.

Sold !!

Cufftitle Afrikakorps

Product no.: 3677

Only slightly stretched and 43cm long

Sold !!

Shoulder Boards Infanterie-Regiment 10 Dresden

Product no.: 3676

For a Feldwebel, in good and only slightly worn condition.

In stock

Chest eagle for the sports shirt Kriegsmarine

Product no.: 3674

On cotton, dimensions 23x13 cm

In stock

Cholm Shield on uniform of Hauptmann Pol. Rgt. 25

Product no.: 3664

A uniform of a Hptm. "Cholm" of the (SS) Pol. Rgt. 25 and later 1st / Cholmer Polizei Bat. 65., which came directly from the private household of the owner and was left in the condition in which it was found. 
Cholm shield and the two ribbons 100% original stiched on the uniform! Extremely rare!!!

In stock

Uniform / tunic for a constable of the gendarmerie

Product no.: 3671

A worn chamber piece in nice condition. All patches and insignia original stiched.

In stock

Reichsarbeitsdienst RAD short sports trousers

Product no.: 3640

Short sports trousers with corresponding stamp inside.

In stock

Wehrmacht Heer Pair collar tabs, Truppensonderdienst TSD

Product no.: 3610

Wehrmacht Heer. A pair of collar tabs of the TSD in worn condition.

In stock

Wehrmacht Heer shoulder boards for a Oberleutnant of Truppensonderdienst TSD

Product no.: 3609

Wehrmacht Heer shoulder boards for a Oberleutnant of Truppensonderdienst TSD. Good but worn condition. To loop in.

In stock

Waffen SS Coat of a Hauptscharführer

Product no.: 3597

A early, worn "Kammerstück", all insignia are original and contemporary stitched. A very rare piece, hard to find.

Sold !!

Luftwaffe Tunic Africa

Product no.: 3401

A nice "kammerstück" in ligthly worn condition. The cloth eagle is original stitched, please look at the pictures!

Sold !!

DJ achievement badge cloth edition

Product no.: 3359

DJ achievement badge cloth edition for the sports suite

Sold !!

Wehrmacht sleeve badge for mountain troops

Product no.: 3358

Bevo edition. Worn.

Sold !!

Wehrmacht pair of shoulder flaps of an officer of the Infanterie

Product no.: 3357

slightly worn good condition

Sold !!

Wehrmacht Heer shoulder flau of a Oberfeldwebels of the Kavallerie enlightenment

Product no.: 3356

Slightgly worn but good condition

In stock

Hitlerjugend, HJ , 3x Führerschnur

Product no.: 3349

HJ Führerschnur for squad leader

HJ Führerschnur for entourage squad leader

HJ Führerschnur for main squad leader

In stock

HJ Triangle "West Wetmark"

Product no.: 3315

Slightly worn, good condition

Sold !!

BDM Triangle "West Moselland"

Product no.: 3314

Minor signs of being worn, good condition

Sold !!

SS weapon field house of a SS Oberscharführer

Product no.: 5019

Weapon SS M41 field blouse of a SS Oberscharführer of the SS regiment "Deutschland". Inner layer in the typical design. All insignias are originally sewn in! 100 % original and very rare jacket.

We are available for futher questions.

Sold !!

Wehrmacht fieldgrey pants M40 for troops

Product no.: 3300

A ligthly worn "Kammerstück" from 1940. Waistband ca 92 cm, total length 106cm. 

Hard to find.

Sold !!

Wehrmacht shoulder boards for a Stabsarzt

Product no.: 3288

A nice pair in worn condition.

In stock

German armed forces, air force, pair of shoulder pieces for a stabsarzt

Product no.: 3283

To loop in, condition appropiriate for being worn

In stock

Wehrmacht collar tabs for a Officer of the Artillery

Product no.: 3175

A worn pair collar tabsfor a officer of the artillery.

Sold !!

Luftwaffe Breast Eagle for Officers

Product no.: 3149

Lightly worn condition.

Sold !!

Luftwaffe Clasp for the cloak

Product no.: 3106

Nice and rare clasp with eagle head made of aluminium. 

A splint pin is lost.


In stock
1 - 30 of 49 results