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Here you see some beautiful or rare collector's items having found which recently new and happy owners.

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Honor Goblet of the Luftwaffe

Product no.: 2517

Nice Goblet of the Oberfeldwebel Waldemar Habermann 8.12.1941. Execution in 835iger silver.

Oberfeldwebel Habermann was a member of the KG27 Boelcke and is missed since the 19.11.1941.

Sold !!

Kriegsmarine Blockade Runner Badge

Product no.: 2574

An unworn badge with makers mark Schwerin Berlin in very good condition.

Sold !!

Infantry Assault Badge in bronze

Product no.: 2579

A very nice zincbadge from  "FLL" für die Firma Friedrich Linden / Lüdenscheid in good condition.

Sold !!

Iron Cross 1st Class 1939 with case

Product no.: 2580

A magnetic cross with makers mark L/11 (Wilhelm Deumer/Lüdenscheid) in good condition with fitting case.

Sold !!

German Cross in gold

Product no.: 2581

A heavy piece made of tombak (68,7g) in worn condition.

Mirror still beautifully silvered, laurel wreath with entire gold plating, halo entire density. The enamel in the high left area damaged, pleas ask for uncensored pics to see the damage. 

With makers mark at the backside of the needle 21 (Godet & Co./Berlin).

Sold !!

German Cross in Gold Cloth Version

Product no.: 2416

Nice cross in good condition.

Sold !!

Document Estate Legion condor

Product no.: 2266

Nice group from Obergefreiten Ludwig Ottzen:

Document for Spanienkreuz in Silber mit Schwertern 

Document for spanish "La Medalla de Sufrimientos por la patria"

Document for spanish "La Medalla de la Campa"

Sold !!

Estate Honor Goblet Hauptmann Lohmann

Product no.: 2417

A nice estate with Houner Goblet of the Luftwaffe, from Hauptmann Arno Lohmann Staffelkapitän der 3. Küstenflieger Staffel 906.

Consists from:

Beförderungsurkunde Leutnant 1.1.1939

Beförderungsurkunde Oberleutnant 1.10.1939

Verleihungsurkunde Pilots Badge 21.12.1938

Verleihungsurkunde Dienstauzeichnnung für 4 Jahre der Wehrmacht 5.4.1939

Verleihungsurkunde Iron Cross 2.Class 8.3.1940

Verleihungsurkunde Iron Cross 1.Class  26.11.1940

Verleihungsurkunde Frontflugspange für Aufklärer in silber 13.6.1942

Verleihungsurkunde Honour Goblet 18.10.1943

Verleihungsurkunde Frontflugspange für Aufklärer in gold 23.3.1943

Moreover, some of the other papers and congratulations writings and two photo albums with altogether 97 photos.

Sold !!

Another Photos Estate Lohmann

Product no.: 2417-3

2322 -2

Product no.: 2322 -2

Sold !!

Wehrpass of Knight Cross Owner Gebirgsjäger Feldwebel Lois Gugganig

Product no.: 2322

Estate of Feldwebel and Ritterkreuzträger Lois Gugganig.

1.Geb.Jg.Ers.Rgt 136 and later at the 12.Geb.Rgt.91 (Russian front)

The Estate decides Wehrpass and Wehrstammbuch, Deathcard and some interesting papers.

He was owner of the following medals and awards:

Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class

War Merit Cross 2nd class

Wound Badge black

Infantry Assault Badge

Knight Cross of the iron cross

Medal crusade against the communism

Army mountain guide badges


Sold !!

Document Estate/Soldbuch Paratrooper Rgt.3 /Monte Cassino

Product no.: 2374

Nice document estate of the Oberjäger Josef Krissel Fallschirmjäger Rgt. 3.

Consisting of Soldbuch, award document for Iron Cross 2nd class, Paratrooperbadge, Force driving probation badge in bronce and silver.

Drivers license and and a portrait.

Very rare group of a Cassinofighter.

Sold !!

Document Estate Fallschirmpionier / Kreta / Afrika

Product no.: 2375

Award Document Estate of Leutnant Heinz Krause, fallen at 25.3.1945, consisting of following award documents:

Service Medal 4th Grade

Iron corss 2nd class

Paratroopers badge

Iron cross 1st class

Ground assault badge

Cuff title "Kreta" and "Afrika"

Death certificate from 30. March 1945

and Personalstammblatt with all dates.

Sold !!


Product no.: 2405

Sold !!

Iron Cross 1. Class 1939 Schinkel

Product no.: 2166

Very rare "Schinkel" Cross with magnetic core from producer Otto Schickle/Pforzheim.

Sold !!

Medal Bar with 3 Medals

Product no.: 2414

A rare medal bar with Medal in memory of the homecoming of the Memelland, Medal in memory of the homecoming of the Sudetenland, Official decoration of the Wehrmacht for 4 Years.

Sold !!

General Assault Badge with Number 25

Product no.: 2389

General assault badge with application number "25" of the manufacturer R.K. Rudolf Karneth and sons Gablonz a. N. in good, a little bit worn condition.

Sold !!

German Cross in Gold with Case

Product no.: 2309

Light cupal version (45,2g) from producer Hersteller C.F. Zimmermann/Pforzheim with fitting case. Very nice condition. Perfect enamel. The laurel wreath with entire gold plating. Halo with entire density.

Sold !!

Luftwaffe Radio Operator & Air Gunner Badge with Case

Product no.: 2241

Badge made of zinc with makers mark B&NL in good condition with fitting case.

Sold !!

Luftwaffe Pilots Badge with Case

Product no.: 2171

Very nice marked badge with fitting case from producer B&NL. Early set in good condition.

Sold !!

Iron Cross 1.Class with screw back in fitting case

Product no.: 2352

A worn piece with magnetic core in fitting case. The case ist stamped "Ek1 Schraube and producer".

A very nice Set.

Sold !!

Luftwaffe Pilots Badge

Product no.: 2356

A light worn pilots badge made of non-ferrous metal from producer BSW Brüder Schneider AG Wien in fitting case.

Sold !!

Paratrooper Badge with case

Product no.: 2358

A nice badge made of non-ferrous metal from producer Wilhelm Deumer/Lüdenscheid in fitting case. 

In this condition very hard to find.

Sold !!

Iron Cross 2nd Class 1939 "100"

Product no.: 2369

Nice cross with magnetic core and makers mark "100" for Rudolf Wächtler & Lange / Mittweida.

Sold !!

Repetition braces 2nd class 1939

Product no.: 2350

Very nice piece, made of non-ferrous metal from producer W.Deumer/Lüdenscheid.

Sold !!


Product no.: 2295

Sold !!

Spanish Cross without Swords

Product no.: 2263

A worn cross made of non-ferrous metal with nice patina. A unmarked piece but a well known cross from Steinhauer & Lück / Lüdenscheid.

Sold !!

Honour Clasp of the Luftwaffe with Case

Product no.: 2265

Very nice, unworn clasp made of non-ferrous metal with fitting case. 

Sold !!


Product no.: 2281

Sold !!

61 - 90 of 536 results