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Here you see some beautiful or rare collector's items having found which recently new and happy owners.

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Luftwaffe Steel Helmet M38 Paratrooper

Product no.: 3212

Absolutly untouched Helmet M38 for paratrooper with typical Westfront/Normandie camouflage. Stamped with ET68 and 1337. Inlet and strap in worn condition. A very rare piece.

Sold !!

Air force paratrooper "Knochensack"

Product no.: 2661

worn condition

"Knochensack" from 1943, all zippers and push-buttons undamaged and completely functional.

untreated discovery-condition. Never been in collector's hands!

Sold !!

Iron Cross 2nd Class 1939 "Schinkel"

Product no.: 3161

A rare Schinkel variant with magnetic core.

Sold !!

Army Anti Aircraft Artillery Badge

Product no.: 3167

An unmarked zinc badge but a safe variant from Funcke & Brüninghaus, Lüdenscheid.

Sold !!

Infantry Assault Badge silver

Product no.: 3170

A hollow stamped badge made of buntmetall from producer Schauerte & Höhfeld, Lüdenscheid.

A rare piece in good condition.

Sold !!

Spanish Condor-Cruz de Guerra

Product no.: 3173

Nice victory star in rare variant with the red lion. Enamel without any damages. 

Sold !!

Paratroopers Badge

Product no.: 3182

A worn badge made of buntmetall and makers mark "A" F.A. Assmann & Söhne, Lüdenscheid.

Sold !!

Iron Cross 1st class 1914

Product no.: 3187

An iron cross 1914 with magnetic core and marked with "800" on the needle.

Sold !!

Wound Badge in silver 1939

Product no.: 3190

Nice badge made of buntmetall with makers mark "13" Gustav Brehmer, Markneukirchen with fitting red case.

Sold !!

Demjansk shield

Product no.: 3192

A nice shield with army cloth made of iron. Complete with backplate and paper in good condition. so called "Missing Log" variant.

Sold !!

Iron Cross 1st Class 1939 Srewback

Product no.: 3157

A worn cross with screwback and magnetic core. The cross is marked with L/18 B.H. Mayers Kunstprägeanstalt, Pforzheim.

Sold !!

Honour Goblet for Achievement in Aerial Warfare Feldwebel Friedrich Daube

Product no.: 3121

Honour Goblet for Achievement in Aerial Warfare made of alpaka from Feldwebel Friedrich Daube 03.07.1942 in very good condition.

Awarded German Cross at 16.11.1942

Sold !!

Iron Cross 1st Class 1939

Product no.: 3065

Nice cross with magnetic core and makers mark "100" Rudolf Wächtler & Lange, Mittweida.

Sold !!

Blockade Runner Badge

Product no.: 3033

Nice Badge from producer Schwerin Berlin.

Sold !!

Shooting Lanyard of the Kriegsmarine 6th Grade

Product no.: 2969

A rare lanyard of the Kriegsmarine gold plated aluminum, nice condition.

Sold !!

Reconnaissance Class in silver with case

Product no.: 2708

Nice clasp made of non-ferrous metal in fiiting case.

Sold !!

Tank Assault Badge in silver

Product no.: 2885

A rare hollow stamped zinc badge with makers mark "A" for Assmann.

Sold !!

U-Boat front clasp

Product no.: 3027

A worn bronce grade clasp from producer Schwerin / Berlin 68 in good condition.

Sold !!

German Cross in Gold with Case

Product no.: 2839

A light Cupal cross (45 g) in good condition. The enamel without damages. Nice set with the fitting case from producer C.F. Zimmermann/Pforzheim.

Sold !!

Wehrmacht Anti Aircraft Artillery War Badge

Product no.: 2516

An unmarked badge made of zinc from A. Rettenmaier,Schwäbisch-Gmünd. A worn variant of this producer.

Sold !!

Iron Cross 2nd Class 1870

Product no.: 3088

A rare cross with magnetic core in good condition.

Sold !!

Iron Cross 1st Class 1914

Product no.: 3087

A worn cross from producer "AWS" Albert Werner & Sohn, backsite with so called "waffle pattern". Hard to find.

Sold !!

Iron Cross 1st Class 1939

Product no.: 2499

A nice cross with magnetic core, a safe but unmarked variant from producer 100 (Rudolf Wächtler & Lange/Mitweida).

Sold !!

Repeat Clasp of the iron cross 2nd class1939

Product no.: 3058

A worn clasp made of buntmetall.

Sold !!

Luftwaffe Field Belt Buckle for Officers

Product no.: 5005

Nice buckle in fitting case from producer Assmann & Sohne, Lüdenscheid.

Length 84cm

Sold !!

E-Boat War Badge 1st Type

Product no.: 2837

Nice badge made of Buntmetall from producer Schwerin Berlin in very good condition.

Sold !!


Product no.: 3042

Sold !!


Product no.: 3050

Sold !!

Case for Pilots Badger

Product no.: 2822

Nice case in good condition.

Sold !!

U-Boat war badge

Product no.: 3026

A worn badge made of buntmetall with makers mark Schwerin Berlin 68.

A nice piece of history.

Sold !!

1 - 30 of 596 results