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Here you see some beautiful or rare collector's items having found which recently new and happy owners.

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Cuff Title "Afrika"

Product no.: 2892

A rare Cuff Title made of canvas, hard to find. Full length 43cm

Sold !!

Luftwaffe Paratroopers Badge

Product no.: 3189

A worn badge made of zinc, an unmarked piece from producer  C.E. Juncker, Berlin.

Sold !!

German Cross in Gold

Product no.: 3213

A light cupal piece (45,1g) in worn condition, the enamel with minimal traces. Producer "20" for the company C.F. Zimmermann/Pforzheim.

Sold !!


Product no.: 5009

Sold !!

War Merit cross 1st class with swords in fitting case

Product no.: 3226

A nice cross made of buntmetall in fitting LDO case. A L/12 marked piece from C.E. Juncker, Berlin.

A rare set.

Sold !!

Tank Destroyer Badge in gold

Product no.: 3238

A very nice tank destroyer badge in gold, type 3, 3.10.

Very rare and hard to find in this amazing condition.

Sold !!

German cross in gold cloth version

Product no.: 3228

Nice piece in cloth version for the Wehrmacht in worn condition.

Sold !!

German Cross in Gold with Case

Product no.: 5011

A light cupal cross (45g.) in very good condition. a nice, undamaged piece from producer "20" from company C.F. Zimmermann/Pforzheim in fitting case.

Sold !!


Product no.: 5012

Sold !!

General Assault Badge 75

Product no.: 5008

A General Assault Badge with number 75 with makers mark "JFS" Josef Feix & Söhne, Gablonz.

A very rare and guaranted original Badge in good condition.

Sold !!

Wehrmacht Bajonett M 84/98

Product no.: 3185

A very nice Bajonett M 84/98, S/175. K in very good condition. Same numbers.

Sold !!

German red cross knife for crews

Product no.: 3217

Blade stamped with  "Ges. Geschützt", the frog is stamped with "B". Nice, untouched condition.

Sold !!

Belt Buckle of the Luftwaffe 1.Model

Product no.: 2725

1st Model buckle made of aluminium in worn condition.

Full length 98cm

Sold !!

Wehrmacht Paradefeldbinde for Officers

Product no.: 3008

A ligthly worn Feldbinde for officers of the Wehrmacht, 98cm length.

Sold !!

Wehrmacht Belt Buckle Afrika

Product no.: 3009

A worn belt buckle from the Afrikakorps with canvas belt in nice condition.

Sold !!

Wehrmacht Belt Buckle Afrika

Product no.: 3010

Lightly worn iron buckle with canvas belt in very good condition. Length of 100cm.

Sold !!

Belt Buckle of the NSKK

Product no.: 3077

Nice buckle made of Nickel with fitting belt with a length of 100cm.

Sold !!

Document Group Fallschirmpionierbataillon 4 / Italy

Product no.: 2242

Document estate of the parachute pioneer  Roland Höfer with the battlesin Italy was difficultly wounded. He was a member of the 4th battalion / 1st of company.
All documents in good condition.
Document to the paratrooper badge
Iron cross 2nd of class
Wounded badges silver and gold 
Picture postcard-sized.
Copy from the battalion chronicle about his(its) person.

Sold !!

Luftwaffe Estate of the Unteroffizier Otto Marquardt

Product no.: 3063

Nice Document Estate from the Unteroffizier Otto Marquard consisting of the following papers and documents:

-Document Air gunner with lightning Badge

-Document Iron Cross 1st Class

-Document Iron Cross 2nd Class


-Document Front flying clasp in silver

-Document Front flying clasp in bronce

-Document remember medal german italien campaign

-Luftwaffe carmouflage pass

-Flight book with interesting entries

Almost all the documents have been awarded for fighting in Africa!


Sold !!

Luftwaffe Document Estate "Sturmregiment"

Product no.: 3105

Nice Document estate of the Oberjäger Willi Kremer consisting of:

-Document to the Paratroopers Badge

-Document to the Iron cross first and second class

-Document to the Cuff Title "Kreta" (Two Versions)

-Document to the Ground Assault Badge

-Document to the Front Flying Clasp

A very rare group, the most of them awarded for fighting in Kreta.

Sold !!

Luftwaffe Estate Leutnant Erwin Wolf 8./ KG. 76

Product no.: 3112

Very interesting document estate in good condition consisting of:

-Document to the Iron Cross 2nd Class

-Document to the Front Flying Clasp for Fighter

-Document to the Krimshield

-Document to the Sports Badge in bronce


-Heroic Death Document

-Letters and Photos

-Two Fligthbooks and a map 


Sold !!

Kriegsmarine metal breast eagle

Product no.: 2652

Lightly worn, non-ferrous metal


Good condition

Sold !!

Luftwaffe Eagle for the Visor Cap

Product no.: 3046

A rare eagle made with metal thread for officers in good condition.

Sold !!

Pilots Badge WW1

Product no.: 3137

An awarded piece made of buntmetall in good condition.

Sold !!

Iron Cross 1st Class 1914

Product no.: 2255

Nice, unmarked cross with magnetic core. A well known piece from Schauerte & Höhfeld / Lüdenscheid.

Sold !!

Iron Cross 1st class 1939

Product no.: 3060

Nice cross with magnetic core and makers mark L/59 Alois Rettenmaier Schwäbisch-Gmünd.

Sold !!

Iron Cross 1st Class 1939 with case

Product no.: 2836

A rare cross with magnetic core from producer L/56 (Funcke & Brünighaus / Lüdenscheid) with fitting case. A nice set in good condition.

Sold !!

Infantry Assault Badge in silver

Product no.: 2947

A hollow stamped, early piece made of buntmetall without makers mark. These pieces are assigned to the manufacturer B.H. Mayers Kunstprägeanstalt/Pforzheim.


Sold !!

iron Cross 1st Class 1939 with case

Product no.: 2982

Nice cross with magnetic core and fitting case.

Sold !!

Iron Cross 1st Class 1914

Product no.: 3136

An unmarked cross with magnetic core in good condition. An unmarked piece from Wilhelm Deumer, Lüdenscheid.

Sold !!

1 - 30 of 680 results