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Ground assault badge

Product no.: 3312

Ground assault badge of the airforce, zinc, produced by "G.B" for the company Gustav Brehmer, Markneukirchen. Good condition.

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Luftwaffe paratroopers badge with case

Product no.: 3303

A buntmetall badge from company W. Deumer/Lüdenscheid in fitting case. A rare set, the badge in good condition, the case in agerelated condition.

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Iron Cross 1st Class 1939 with case

Product no.: 3302

A very nice cross  with magnetic core marked "4" from company Steinhauer & Lück/Lüdenscheid.


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Krimshield 1941-1942

Product no.: 2949

A worn, magnetic shield from Karl Wurster KG, Markneukirchen/Sa.

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General Assault Badge with action number 75

Product no.: 3299

A rare general assault badge with action number 75 from company Josef Feix & Söhne, Gablonz. A very rare and guaranted original collector item in very good condition.

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German Cross in gold

Product no.: 3298

A heavy (63,9g) tombak cross with 5 rivets on the backplate and the rare wraethtype 2.

A lightly worn piece in good condition, the enamel is without any damage, the mirrorplate is with a lot of silver plating. Also the wraeth is with a nice glod plating.

An unmarked cross but a safe variant from company C.E. Juncker, Berlin.

( take a look in the book from Dietrich März, Das Deutsche Kreuz in Gold, S. 162-171) 

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Police service badge "Staatliche" Kriminalpolizei

Product no.: 5016

Very rare police service badge "Staatliche Kriminalpolizei". Owner ID "571". Good condition

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Close combat clasp in bronce

Product no.: 3297

A worn clasp from company C.E.Juncker, Berlin. 

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New Close combat clasp in silver A.G.M.u.K., blue plate

Product no.: 3296

A worn clasp from company A.G.M.u.K with the blue backplate. On the left side with a tension tear, still a rare collector item.

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Stahlhelmbund member badges in case

Product no.: 3295

A badge for join the Stahlhelmbund 1932, a sheet metal badge "der Stahlhelm" and stickpin in fitting case. A very nice set.


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Prussian Second-class General Honour Mark, Merits to the State in the Case

Product no.: 3293

A nice merit badge in fitting case in good condition.

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Iron cross 2nd class 1914

Product no.: 3292

A marked cross with magnetic core, stamped with "KO"

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Bavarian Kriegerbund merit cross

Product no.: 3291

A silver plated enamel cross from company Deschler & Sohn, München.

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Iron cross 2nd class 1914

Product no.: 3290

A marked cross with magnetic core and without ribbon.

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Air force paratroopers badge

Product no.: 3287

Worn parachute badge, zinc, without producer, however a garantied edition by the company of Friedrich Linden, Lüdenscheid.

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Broze SA Sports badge and certificate

Product no.: 3286

Bronze SA Sports badge, magnetic, produced by Karl Hensler, Pfortzheim along with the original achievement log/ certificate. ( We are willing to send you uncensored photos following your request)

Exam of the 10th January 1939 in Saarbrücken

Bes.Zeugn.Nr. 1442242

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silver wounded badge of 1939, producer "30"

Product no.: 3285

Silver wounded badge of 1939, zinc, producer "30" for Hauptmünzamt, Wien.

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Mothers cross 1st grade with case, Forster & Graf Schäb. Gmünd

Product no.: 3284

Mothers cross 1st grade along with the original case, produced by Forster & Graf Schäb. Gmünd.

Very good condition

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Mothers cross 1st, 2nd 3rd grade

Product no.: 3282

Mothers cross 1st, 2nd 3rd grade

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Bronze Drivers Badge

Product no.: 3281

Bronze drivers badge, consisting of iron, however bronze plated with the back plate.

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medal for winters war in the east - producer "88"

Product no.: 3280

medal for winters war in the east - producer "88" for the company Werner Redo / Saarlautern.

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Annexation badge 1st October in 1938 Sudetenland

Product no.: 3279

Annexation badge 1st October in 1938 Sudetenland

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Honor Goblet of the Luftwaffe

Product no.: 3271

Nice goblet awarded to the Oberfeldwebel Josef Steffl  2.10.1942 in alpaka execution with fine silver plating from company Joh.Wagner & Sohn/Berlin. 

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Tank Assault Badge "50"

Product no.: 3270

A nice and rare badge with deployment number "50" without makers mark but a safe variant from company Josef Feix & Söhne/Gablonz a.d.N. 

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Prussian Medal Bar

Product no.: 3269

A prussian ribbon bar with 2 medals, Centenarmedal and remember medal 1870/71 with 

combat clasps from Weissenburg, Wörth, Sedan, Paris.

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Iron Cross 1st Class 1914 with case

Product no.: 3267

Iron Cross 1st class 1914 with engraved date 25.4.18 in fitting case. Backsite the logo from the company Paul Meybauer, Berlin.

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Iron Cross 2nd Class 1939

Product no.: 3266

A rare cross with "round 3" from company Deschler & Sohn, München in fitting bag in good condition.

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Destroyer Badge

Product no.: 3265

A destroyer badge of the Kriegsmarine in agerelated condition.

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SA Sports Badge in bronce

Product no.: 3264

A magnetic badge from company Werner Redo, Saarlautern in good condition.

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Luftwaffe Pilots Badge with case

Product no.: 3263

A nice badge made of buntmetall in fitting case from company GWL Gebrüder Wegerhof, Lüdenscheid.

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1 - 30 of 164 results