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Daggers, Sabers, Bayonets

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New Early HJ Dagger "Birdhead"

Product no.: 2824

A early and very rare Dagger of the HJ from producer  E.P.&S / Solingen. A worn piece without any damages.

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New SA Dagger

Product no.: 2844

An early dagger M33 of the SA from producer Ernst Pack & Söhne/Solingen with fitting leather hanger. The par bar "Nm" stamped for "Gau Nordmark".

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New Luftwaffe Dagger

Product no.: 2845

A worn dagger with makers mark Robert Klaas / Solingen. No damages, nice patina.

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New Wehrmacht Heer Dagger

Product no.: 2843

Nice officers dagger from producer Eickhorn/Solingen. Complete with hanger and portepee in good, lightly worn condition.

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New Dagger of the HJ

Product no.: 2825

A nice dagger without motto in good condition from the producer Eickhorn/Solingen.

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New Dagger of the HJ

Product no.: 2826

Nice execution with motto from the producer SMF/Solingen.

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Dagger of the HJ

Product no.: 2811

Ececution with motto from producer Carl Wüsthof / Solingen, Gladiatorwerk. An undamaged piece in used condition.

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Dagger of the HJ

Product no.: 2810

Execution with motto from producer F. Plücker JR. / Solingen. The dagger is in good condition without damages.

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SA Dagger M33

Product no.: 2758

A very nice dagger from  Anton Wingen Jr. Solingen mit leather hanger.

The blade and the slogan are clean and in good condition. The par bar is stamped "HE" for Hessen.

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Dagger of the RLB for Unterführer 2.Model

Product no.: 2730

A rare dagger of the RLB from producer  Hörster /Solingen. Nickel-plated fittings. Dagger sheath, fittings and grasping in good condition. 


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